A cabana

Sonnenlauf: The sun rises and sets every 20 min.
Wasserlauf: Endless circulation of water
Ton läuft: A 24 min sound-collage-loop starting with the fidelity
of naive nature, leading to the noise of a human
made big bang and ending finally in the silence
of the secrets of resurrection


A bazukalike and well shielded 1500 AD northern beetle is lost in the southern tropics, surrounded by car-boned trees. The jungle-radio sounded the tunes of that what was
the Xingú of an Índio and the metallic heart spit out her flickering flames and let believe to be in the day of judgement of that testament of ALL cabrals legitimation while discovering in silent Santa Maria´s.



Exposição 2002 no: MUSEU DE ARTE DE SANTA CATARINA (MASC) / Florianópolis – BRASIL